Welcome to the MiSK Medical of Internet Things Hackathon, the world's first dual-nation live, broadcast event. The hackathon takes place in London and Riyadh over 48 hours, from the 25-27 November, with the winning team receiving a shared prize fund of $35,000 and having an opportunity to take their product to a global market.


ILEC CONFERENCE CENTRE 47- Lillie Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1UD


AL FAISALIAH RESORT DURRAT ARRIYADH - Banban, Riyadh 13571, Saudi Arabia

If you're aged 18-32, have skills in technology, and a passion to collaborate with world-leading experts and change the world, then the MiSK Foundation wants to hear from you!

You'll be working as part of a cross-nation, cross-cultural mixed team over 48 hours, on location in London and remotely in Riyadh, to create a ground-breaking tech health invention themed around `The Medical Internet of Things'. You'll pitch your idea as a team to a panel of expert judges and global business partners.

And to top it all, the winning team will get a life-changing opportunity to take their world-changing invention to market, with a $10,000 investment and all the mentoring and support they need from world-class experts to make this happen!

If you're up for the challenge click here to find out how you can sign up, then read our Hackathon survival Guide to see how you can start building your team or join an established team.


The aim of the first ever MiSk Hackathon is to create a technological breakthrough around the Medical Internet of Things. You won't be expected to finalise your technological innovation, just create a working prototype that will function in front of the judging panel.

Support your idea by including in your final pitch insights and trends in both technology and health and highlight the need it fulfils.

To help you we've come up with 5 themes that affect not only the nations taking part, but the world as a whole. They are:

  • Monitoring (beacon) individual or department, alerting and patient research management
  • Child specific technology that will help children live healthier lives and disease management
  • Bringing patients and medical facilities services together to reduce costs
  • Hospital cost reducing costs and wastage
  • Organ donation of the future


The hackathon will take place simultaneously in the UK and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Cross-nation teams will work together, remotely and on site, to create a health orientated technological solution via slack accounts.

Teams will remain working throughout the 48 hrs in the specified venues, with plenty of rest time and space provided in both sites and ample complimentary food and drink supplied by the organisers. Ultimately they will present their product/service via split screen live to a group of judges. One person from each country will join the final pitch.


You will need to log into the site to create your own team or to join a team

Each team can have 10 people: 5 from the UK and 5 from Saudi Arabia

You will need a Slack account

You will need to bring your own Laptop, cables, smartphone! But why not check out our hackathon techie tips here for more information


Hack Theme - Did the idea fit the theme?

Innovation - Is this idea orginal? Is this truly innovative? Does this solve a big or a little problem?

Growth - Could it be a real product? Can it be evolved to increase its lifecycle?

Customer Experience - Have you build an end to end a customer experience?

Technology - Is the idea technically interesting or difficult? Were there real technical challenges to surmount?

Design - Is the idea usable now? Is the user experience smooth? Is it well designed?

Presentation & Team - Are you effective in telling the story of the project, could you work with them?

Investment - Can this really be a business? Would you invest?


This is a hackathon like no other with the MiSk foundation aiming at a unique 5 star hackathon experience. Gone are the uninspiring venues with little thought to creativity and in are sites styled to garner every technologically creative thought mustered during the epic 48 hour event. We have catered for every need, technological, real-world and human to ensure our attendees can truly concentrate on their invention.


We know that a 48 hour hackathon isn't for the faint-hearted.... Or the hungry, thirsty, stressed or tired! So we have created specially designed `hack zones' that will cater for every human and technological need throughout the entire duration of the event. From snooze areas to chill-out zones, food trucks to full blown catering and juice bars complete with energy-giving juices to sugar rush donuts that will ensure no slumps in creative and technological output.

Our mentors and specialists will also be getting into `the zone' with their own area centre stage of the event so every attendee can easily consult with them. And our media pod will be available to all so you can remotely converse and consult with your team mates, mentors and supporters in both locations live.


The Chill-Out Zone: will bring the outside inside complete with picnic tables, real grass, trees and drinks fountain - the perfect place to relax or cogitate on your amazing idea

The Snooze Zone: where comfy snooze beds will enable you to relax and grab 40 winks

The Hack Diner: serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and a night time snack all cooked fresh by our catering team, with vegetarian, vegan and halal food catered for too.

The Sugar Rush Café: the Dunkin Donuts truck will provide that energy boost whenever required; just help yourself to tea, coffee and a delicious donut

The Juiceology Bar: serving fresh juices, smoothies and water 24/7 with specially created juice recipes aimed at chilling you out for the Snooze Zone or providing energy for the night time

The Mentor Zone: where you can pop by and chat with our many mentors and tech specialists supporting the project over the 48 hours

The Media Pod: here you can get plugged in and chat to your team mates in Riyadh

Hack Check In: each attendee will be given an RFID bracelet and you can check in and share updates with your friends on social media

The Hack Survival Bag: every attendee will be given a goodie bag that will help you survive the 48 hour event. It contains a Hackathon Survival Guide and the Hackathon insight book as well as many other bits and pieces to help you on your innovation mission

The Hack Insight Book: we've commissioned in-depth insights into what will be emerging across the technology and health fields in the coming years..... And for the next generation. Compiled into a book exclusively for hackathon attendees you will be given a copy each to help you come up with a need-driven technological invention that will be truly astounding.

Date Start UK Start KSAEnd UKEnd KSA Activity
25-Nov10.0012.0012.4515.45Sign in
25-Nov12.0016.0012.0516.05Event Opens
25-Nov13.05   Hacking Starts
25-Nov14.0017.0020.0020.00Mentors/Specialists Available
25-Nov18.0021.0021.0023.00DINNER SERVICE
25-Nov0. SERVICE
26-Nov8.008.0011.0011.00BREAKFAST SERVICE
26-Nov8.00   Hacking
26-Nov9.009.0020.0020.00Mentors/Specialists Available
26-Nov12.0014.0014.0015.00LUNCH SERVICE
26-Nov18.0021.0021.0023.00DINNER SERVICE
27-Nov0. SERVICE
27-Nov8.008.0011.0011.00BREAKFAST SERVICE
27-Nov8.00   Hacking
27-Nov6.006.0013.0015.00Mentors/Specialists Available
27-Nov12.0015.0013.0016.00Final Hour to complete pitch
27-Nov13.0016.0013.0519.05Hack Ends
27-Nov13.0516.0515.0519.052 min pitches start
27-Nov11.3011.3014.0014.00Simultaneous Lunch Service
27-Nov13.0516.0013.1016.05Judges Intro
27-Nov13.1014.3515.1018.352min pitches start
27-Nov15.1518.1516.1521.15Judging time
27-Nov16.2019.2016.3021.20Winner announced
27-Nov16.3019.3016.3021.30Event Ends

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